Create Your Own Opportunity-2

Last week I had shared how few incidents in my professional life prompted me to reanalyze my choices because I had realized that the kind of work I was doing wasn’t fulfilling enough. I had also discussed some simple ways to help you work your way towards achieving your life and career goals. It is a fun process of learning and unlearning and totally worth the while.

This week I continue to share with you how you can move steadily towards your objectives in life.

Remain Open – You might set out with a goal in mind of exactly what you want to do and how you want to do it, but rarely will life work out exactly how you think it will. By not holding anything too tightly, you open yourself up to opportunities that may not have even been on your radar before. For instance, if you’re a storyteller at heart and have a passion for giving other people a voice, you might be able to use those skills in a corporate communications or marketing job that develops testimonials. You get to know people and their story while also meeting a business need. Be flexible as you take action. Sometimes opportunities that use your skills are different than what you expect.

Create Good Karma – As much as creating opportunities is based on doing, it’s also about how you do it. Being a good person and putting positivity into the Universe invites good things to happen in return. Take time to genuinely connect with others, instead of having a one-track mind for building an opportunity for yourself. By creating lasting, solid relationships, people will remember you when an opportunity arises that requires your expertise. And when and where you can, volunteer your time and talent! Offer guidance and counsel based on your skills, establishing credibility and laying the foundation for when a full-blown opportunity presents itself.

Be Decisive – When opportunities arise, take advantage of them with confidence. You haven’t planned, primed, and nurtured a pipeline of opportunities to let them go to waste. The amount of preparation you’ve done will equip you to know whether or not an opportunity is right for you. You’re able to make an informed decision based on your confidence, skills, and knowledge of self. Step into your power and feel assured that you cannot make a wrong decision. If you step into an opportunity that eventually turns out to be less-than-perfect, you’ll know that it served its purpose of leading you to the next one. Every step in your journey happens for a reason.

Use these tips to create opportunities that align with who you are and what you were meant to do. Above all, remember to enjoy the process, be patient, and maintain a positive outlook. This world needs what you have to give.