Flush It Out!!

How To Perform a Safe Liver & Gallbladder Bile Flush?

Last week I talked about the importance of Liver and Gall Bladder health and I am sure you took the symptom test.

Liver detox and gallbladder flushes have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason! Using olive oil to successfully flush the gallbladder first appeared in the British Medical Journal in 1882 and 1885, and was likely used much earlier as a folk remedy. For millennia, Ayurveda implicated that ghee taken along with lemon juice was a successful protocol to detoxify the body and reset liver and gallbladder function.

Anno 2017 one-quarter of women over 60 worldwide will develop gallstones, and cholecystectomy, this is removal of the gallbladder. Today this is the #1 most common elective abdominal surgery in America  with over 750,000 per year. Gallbladder disease has increased by 20 percent in the last 3 decades, costing Americans $6.2 billion a year in collective medical bills. 



The Causes of a Congested Liver and Gallbladder

There are many reasons for the signs of liver/gallbladder congestion. Most commonly in our society, excessive stress literally turns off the digestive-provoking parasympathetic nervous system and exhausts the emergency and degenerative sympathetic nervous system. A history of sluggish bowel function will allow toxins to be re-absorbed through the enteric cycle back to the liver, affecting bile production and flow. Pesticides on our foods and environmental toxins kill intestinal microbes that manufacture the digestive enzymes we need.

However, the major and insidious cause of liver and gallbladder congestion is the diet of processed and refined foods that many have been consuming for the past 6 decades.

Here are the first steps to preparing for a Safe Liver & Gallbladder Bile Flush

  1. Avoid processed, packaged foods. Eat organic. Avoid food pesticides.
  2. Restore liver function and decongest gallbladder and bile/pancreatic ducts.

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