Foods That May Get You Sick-2

Last week I talked about the various types of food items that may make you sick. This week I continue to talk about other foods that are no good for your body. Stay tuned this month as we cover the do’s and don’ts of eating.

Non-organic fruit  Fruits that are non-organic are contaminated with some very dangerous pesticides such as atrazine, thiodicarb, and organophosphates, as well as high nitrogen fertilizers. Atrazine is banned in European countries but still used here. This is a weed killer that causes severe problems in humans, especially in our reproductive capabilities.

Were you aware that the sewage from cities in the USA (nicely called bio solids) is used in the fields of farms in the USA as a form of fertilizer?  You will never find organic food being cultivated in composted human sewage waste! Washing fruit does not remove 100 per cent of the residue. Pesticides are toxic chemicals to insects as well as human beings.

Processed meats  What are processed meats exactly? This is a long list that keeps growing. For example: sausages, bacon, hot dogs, lunch meats, including vegan products and soy meats. While making these processed meats, there is an excessive of salt and chemicals being used, which can be extremely harmful for your health. The end product contains numerous chemicals and preservatives, including sodium nitrates, which make them look appealing and fresh, but are well known carcinogens. Smoking meats picks up tar from the smoking process. Tar is the same deadly ingredient that cigarette smoke contains.

Farmed Salmon  Knowing fish is one of the healthiest foods possible, farmed salmon should be avoided. The farm raised salmon are fed unnatural diets and contaminated with chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides and other known carcinogens. The living conditions of these fish are crowded which results in them having excess sea lice. They are also fed chemicals to make their meat look a reddish pink color, which should occur naturally, but does not happen because they are fed chicken litter. Due to their diet they have less healthy omega-3, the main reason we consume fish. Avoid farmed salmon. Buy wild sockeye salmon.

Potato Chips  The American great tasting snack. It’s cheap and tasty, but the negative effect it has on your body may not be worth eating it. These chips are high in calories and fat. It can cause weight gain. It is also full of trans-fats, which can be a cause for high cholesterol. The presence of excessive sodium levels can cause high blood pressure. Besides the lather, potato chips contains artificial flavors, numerous preservatives and colors. Our body does not need any of these substances. Being fried or baked in high temperatures to make them crispy, naturally causes them to make a material called acrylamide. This is a known carcinogen, also found in cigarettes. Options to substitute potato chips are air popped corn, whole wheat pretzels, baked apple chips, dehydrated banana chips. The fats and calories are less and they still crispy.