Practical Detox

In the last few writings, I shared how important it is to have the liver and gallbladder function properly.

With the current lifestyle, environmental pollution and food industry, we have to at least cleanse our whole body once or twice a month. According to Ayurveda, the 5000 year old medical system from India, it is best to use the seasons to cleanse different body parts. There are purification methods that can be used all the time, but certain cleanses should only be done either in the summer or fall or winter or spring. Always take in consideration the state your body is in. We are in Spring time moving into summer. Summer is usually hot during the day with pleasant windy evenings. (Not always!!)

June being the transition month, I dedicated it to sharing about the liver, so you can attend to it and maybe help in rejuvenating your own liver for better health. Your liver can be compared to being the housekeeper and handy man of your body. It is responsible for cleaning the body of toxins to keep our internal organs running smoothly. We get toxins in our body through varies ways, for example eating processed food, breathing chemicals in the air due to cleaning products or car exhausts, drinking alcohol, eating deep fried food or food from fast food restaurants, pushing our self without resting enough and you name it, toxins are in the body and your liver helps to clear it away. If your liver does not work properly, these toxins cannot be cleaned and remain in your system. This can cause harm to other organs and chronic diseases become a part of your life. There are some simple things you can do to help with cleaning your liver and giving it a break of over-working, so it will be able to do its job.

Start with using Lemon juice: Lemon has naturally cleansing abilities. Many cleaning products have lemon as an ingredient. If this natural juice is good to clean the house or kitchen and give it a refreshing smell, killing bacteria, we can definitely use it for the inside of our body. Make sure it is real lemon juice. If needed buy the lemons yourself and squeeze the juice out.  Every morning, drink a glass of lukewarm water with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Research has shown that this process helps kick-start your body’s natural elimination organ. The acidity in the lemons wake up the nerves in the digestive system and liver to encourage healthy digestion, with optimal bowel movement.

Zinc : The powerful enzyme, zinc, causes some pretty awesome reactions inside your body. Taking a zinc enzyme supplement will assist the liver in the breakdown of alcohol so it can be safely and more efficiently eliminated from the body.  If you imbibe often, start taking zinc! Several studies not only show that adults who have low levels of zinc are linked to alcohol induced liver damage. Upping levels of zinc can also protect the liver and digestive tract from booze, including protecting babies from the damaging effects of alcohol during pregnancy.

Dandelion Root: Dandelion might be an embarrassing yellow smear on your front lawn, but the root has some pretty amazing healing powers. In fact, dandelion root has been used for decades as a healing liver remedy. Steeped as a tea or brewed as a bitter coffee. Many Korean and Mexican forms of herbal medicine utilize dandelion for its powerful antioxidant properties. In fact, research from the Institute of Agricultural Medicine, in Poland found that dandelion root had therapeutic properties thanks to the kynurenic acid within. This amino acid is used for digestive aid support, specifically for bile production, and luckily dandelion root has the richest concentration needed to stimulate bile production and bile transport toxins out of the body. This is why dandelion root is considered a strong natural immune response aid.

Garlic: The healing power of garlic! In addition to its supernatural expertise in warding off vampires, a small clove of garlic is anti-viral. Not only does garlic help stimulate the immune system to ward of infections and germs, garlic packs pungent sulfur compounds, which trigger the function of enzymes to enhance liver function. This is due to the high levels of sulfur compounds in garlic. These are able to encourage enzyme production in the liver. If that wasn’t already beneficial enough, garlic is high in source of selenium and allicin, both agents that act to protect our livers. And luckily, the taste and versatility of garlic means it’s super easy to incorporate into daily diets for a healthier, protected, and detoxed liver.

Water: Good old water is good for so many health reasons. Well, now you can add liver function to your list of why to drink more water. It makes sense, hydrating fluids—like herbal tea and water infused with lemon, improve waste elimination and protect the liver from developing gallstones. You already know that your liver primarily works to filter the blood that is transported from your digestive tract, in order to metabolize nutrients, as well as to filter out drugs, alcohol, and other toxins. Due to the simple fact that the liver (with help from your kidneys, skin, lymphatic system, blood, and bowel) help to detoxify the body by eliminating waste and chemicals through perspiration, feces, and urine, drinking plenty of water can help to encourage this natural process.  Just be sure to drink room temperature, clean water with no added sugars or chemicals for the best results.

Knowing now that these different ingredients have such an impact on your liver health, be sure to start adding them. To do a proper liver cleanse you can sign up for a 3 day detox program with me. The detox program is done on your own with the guidelines found in my detox cleanse. Sign up now!