Six Tastes in One Meal for a Healthy Body & Mind

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Ashni Lifestyle Solutions uses Ayurveda to help improve health and quality of life. Our health can be directly impacted or influenced by what we eat. We may not realize it, but aside from breathing, eating is the most important contribution to our body. It is very important to consume food that is nutritious for us to create a healthy body and mind. There is also a very particular way of eating our food. To get ideal nutrition, we can consume a variety of fresh foods that are appropriately prepared and eaten with awareness. In Ayurveda a balanced diet consist of including six tastes in each meal. Another simple way to eat nutritious is filling your plate with the colors of the rainbow. This promotes a long and healthy life as well. There are food that contribute to our immunity thanks to the levels of antioxidants in them.

Please continue reading to know more about the six tastes for nutritious balance and a healthy body and mind.

Ayurveda means living life in harmony with your environment. In our body we have the representation of the 5 element – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Every individual has their unique body quality, which forms their body type. There are 3 main body quality types.—added from website “According to the science of Ayurveda, everyone has a specific body and mental type that is determined and influenced these 5 elements. We are constantly under the influence of these elements. When we know our body type, we can consciously create a plan to live a balanced and fulfilling life. The body type classifications are: vata, a combination of space and air element, pita, the element of fire and kapha, a combination of water and earth element. Knowing your body type you can implement a plan, to keep your energy aligned with our body, mind, spirit and surroundings.” The six tastes have an effect on these body qualities. If your body is out of balance the six tastes can help to repair the imbalance. When you include all six tastes, you will also notice that you feel satisfied and that the urge to snack and overeat will diminish.

6 tastes on your plate in 1 meal

  • Sweet – The sweet taste is comprised of water and earth, and is good for balancing Vata and Pita. Of the six tastes, sweet is known to be the most grounding and nourishing. When eaten in moderation, it promotes longevity, strength, and healthy bodily fluids and tissues. We suggest natural unprocessed sweet as a taste. If you’re trying to gain weight, sweet is the taste to emphasize. Its heavy, oily, and moist quality slows digestion. The sweet taste is prominent in foods such as wheat, rice, dairy, cereals, dates, pumpkins, maple syrup, and licorice root.
  • SourThe sour taste consists of water and fire. It stimulates appetite and saliva production, and is balancing in its light, heating, and oily properties. The sour taste awakens the thoughts and emotions, and can improve appetite, digestion, and elimination. It needs to be eaten in moderation because if you eat it in excess, it can quickly lead to aggression in the body. Some sour foods are lemon, vinegars, pickled and fermented foods, tamarind, and wine.
  • Salty – The salty taste consists of earth and fire. It’s best for Vata because of its grounding and hydrating nature. Its heat may aggravate Pitta and Kapha. It also adds taste to foods, stimulates digestion, helps electrolyte balance, cleanses tissues, and increases absorption of minerals. However, too much salt can have a negative impact on the blood and skin. Examples of salty foods are sea vegetables, sea salt, tamari, black olives, Himalayan salt, rock salt, and processed foods that contain salt, although processed foods are not an ideal or recommended source of salt.


  • Pungent – Fire and air make up the pungent taste. Pungent food is the hottest of all the tastes and therefore stimulates digestion, improves appetite, clears sinuses, stimulates blood circulation, and heightens the senses. Pungent food may help you think quickly and clearly, and understand complicated matters more easily. Too much pungent food, however, can make you overly critical. Pungent foods will aggravate Pitta quickly and balance Kapha. Vata handles pungent tastes best when they are combined with sour, sweet, or salty foods.Some examples of pungent food are hot peppers, ginger, onions, garlic, mustard, and hot spices. 
  • Bitter – Bitter taste consists of air and space. It’s considered the coolest and lightest of all the tastes. Because of its cool qualities, it’s highly detoxifying and can help remove waste products from the body. Bitter foods also help mental purification by freeing you from passions and sultry emotions. It’s best for Pitta, good for Kapha, and least beneficial for Vata. Some bitter foods are raw green vegetables, turmeric, and green, black and most herbal teas.
  • Astringent – The astringent taste is made up of air and earth. It is cool, dry and firm. Many beans and legumes are astringent and can cause gas, which is why it’s a taste Vata should eat in moderation. Pitta benefits most from astringent taste’s coolness, and its dry, light quality help balance Kapha. Like bitter food, astringent food will help mentally purify and strengthen you. Unripe bananas, green grapes, pomegranates, cranberries, green beans, alfalfa sprouts, and okra are all astringent foods.



Ayurveda recommends including each of the tastes in every meal. The belief is that incorporating all six tastes in your meals and adjusting the amounts to your personal constitution will help you maintain balanced nutrition and good health, and feel satisfied overall. 

Disclaimer: Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any diet, supplement, fitness, or other health program. The information in this article is intended for your educational use only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.